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Online Powder Filling Machine

Automatic dry powder auger filler is a versatile filling machine ideal for non-free-flowing, fluffy & sticky powders in bottles. Automatic single head dry powder auger filler utilizes the principle of positive displacement of a screw. Precisely designed augur has displaced product through funnel and container convey by conveyor belt. Dry bottles are feed through turntable to conveyor and flat conveyor feeding bottles to filling head onset speed and bottles stop and hole for filling station. The sensor gives a signal to the electromagnetic clutch start to rotate augur for filling. It will fill the desired quantity of powder into the container through an auger. An Auger filling time precisely sets on desire requirement by timer controls and the speed of the auger can be set by variable speed drives. After filling of bottle pneumatic cylinder un-hold bottles and move forward to further process on a conveyor.

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Auger Type Powder Filling Machine