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Nu Pharma is offering a Coating Pan Machine with consists of an Ellipsoidal pan mounted on a suitable stand and driven by a motor through a suitable gearbox. The Pan made out of SS 316 and has welded baffle in it. These baffles help in the tumbling of the tables/ Material into the pan while rotating.

The speed can be changed by a 3 step pulley or by a VFD drive provided in the control panel. There is a Hot air blower provided along with the coating pan with heater assembly and a flexible SS Pipe which goes into the pan for drying of the tables/ Material into the pan after coating. A Control panel is provided which consists of starter or VFD, Digital temp. Controller for controlling temperature.

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Product description

Coating Pan Working Principle

The spraying system is also provided along with the coating pan machine for the film coating/ sugar coating into the tables. This consists of a suitable capacity pressurized vessel with a spray gun mounted on the stand. Alternately a peristaltic pump is provided to transfer the liquid onto the spray gun and then sprayed into the pan

An exhaust blower is provided as an option for exhausting fumes generated by the spraying of the liquid into the tables/ material in the coating pan.

A wet scrubber is also provided as an option for neutralizing the exhaust fumes before entering into the open atmosphere.

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Coating Pan Specification and Features:

  • In compliance with cGMP guidelines
  • All Contact parts SS 316/ SS 304 & Non- Contact parts SS 304
  • Conventional coating system for manual film coating and sugar coating
  • Easy interchange facility with different size of Pan
  • FLP construction can be provided with extra cost.

 Coating Pan Capacity

S.no. NUCP – 24” NUCP – 36”  NUCP – 48” NUCP – 60” NUCP – 72”
Loading  Capacity 25 60-80 100-120 150-200 250-300
Pan RPM 24 / 72 12 / 36 10 / 30 8 / 24 5 / 10
Drive Motor HP 0.5 HP 1 HP 2 HP 5 HP 7.5 HP
Hot Air Blower HP 0.25 HP 0.5 HP 1 HP 1 HP 1 HP
Blower Capacity (CFM) 100 200 500 750 750
Heater KW 1.5 1.5 1.5 1.5 1.5