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Starch Paste Kettle

We are considered the best Starch paste kettle machine manufacturer and paste kettle machine supplier from Gujarat. We are also indulged in offering a customized range of paste kettle machines as per the requirement of the client.

We Are the Leading manufacturer and Exporter of Paste Kettle in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

Salient Features

  • Service:- Starch Paste Preparation (Binder preparation).
  • Model / Size :- 5 Liters to 100 Liters.
  • MOC:- Contact Parts SS 316, Non-Contact Internal Parts Clouded / Covered with SS 304.
  • All internal surfaces have smooth rounded edges Internal surfaces smooth mirror
  • Easy access to internal parts for cleaning through large openings and drain ports for cleaning is provided.
  • Charging:- Through open top.
  • Special Features (Optional) :- The kettle is provided with/without-tilting arrangement with optional bottom discharge ball valve.
  • The kettle also has provisions to be lifted by the mobile or fixed loader to charge the RMG.

Product description

Starch Paste Kettle Working Principal

There are smooth rounded edges (mirror polished) within the internal surface. In addition, access to the interior components is easy, allowing quick cleaning. To further facilitate cleaning and maintenance of the kettle, drain ports are provided and huge openings.

Paste Kettle Machine Specifications

Service: Starch Paste Preparation (Binder Preparation)
H Model / Size: 5 liters to 100 liters
MoC: SS316 Contact Parts, SS304
Coated / Coated Non-Contact Internal Parts Load: Through Open Top

Starch Kettle Machine Features

This kettle is often offered in two options, namely with and without a tilting arrangement. In addition, an outlet valve can be provided on the floor.
You can choose whether it should be lifted by the mobile or fixed loader