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Wet Granulation Machinery

This meticulously designed Wet Granulation Machine is in high demand in drug production units for its uninterrupted operation, long service life, and low operating cost. Easy to regulate, this machine is preferred for its high degree of automation, low noise and vibration level, and sludge emission-free running.

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Product description

Wet Granulation Equipment

The dust collection bag of this granulation line keeps the surrounding environment free from contamination. Developed from food-grade chrome-plated steel, all contact components of this machine are anti-rust coated. The low wear rate of rotating parts, adjustable grinding speed, ease of changing the internal temperature, and fewer maintenance costs are its main features. We are a reliable supplier and manufacturer of fantastic grade tablet granulation line, Wet Granulator, Wet Granulation, Wet Granulator Machine.

Wet Granulation Line Features

Easy to manage, this machine ensures its high production rate.
The corrosion-proof structure of this machine guarantees its long service life.
Error-free operation
Precise diameter