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This pneumatically controlled cream filling machine with the semi-automatic operating mode is suitable for the effective and precise filling of lotion, highly viscous substances, and cream. This machine is available in different options for filling capacity and allows the operator to regulate the filling volume Fast filling method, compact shape, ergonomic appearance, and food-grade stainless steel structure are the main features.

Product description

Cream Filling Machine Quality

The chrome steel cylinder and piston parts of this machine are of brand quality. This machine is easy to wash and deserves praise for its high quality. The performance level and low rate of decline. We are a reputable supplier and manufacturer of ordinary manual cream filling machines, ointment filling machines, paste filling machines, cosmetic filling machines, lotion filling machines. gel filling machine.

Cream Filling Machine Features

Your cylinder moves up and down at the time of filling.
This machine is light and easy to use.
Long service life
Precise diameter