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RVPD Dryer

  • Rotary Vacuum Paddle Dryer / RVPD Dryer is a cylindrical vessel with a large Diameter Hollow shaft. The Jacket or Limpet Coil provided for heating the cylindrical shell. The shaft is attached with hollow paddles provided with specially designed scraper blades, which scrap the entire internal surface of the Dryer and continuously move and rotate the material thereby precluding the possibility of material remaining in contact with a hot surface for protracted periods of time.
  • The jacket/limpet coil and hollow shaft with paddles can be heated with hot water, steam, or any other thermal fluid capable of providing a large indirect heat transfer area. Cooling can be also be done by water, Brine, or any other refrigerant through the jacket and hollow shaft.
  • The hard facing of shaft provided in way of gland packing areas of trunions. Arrangements for Nitrogen purging provided. Bag cleaning arrangement with pulsation by Nitrogen jet injector provided.
  • Heavy-duty trunnions and bearing support the hollow shaft (agitator) and the drive are provided by means of a motor through reduction gears chain and sprocket.
  • In special cases, a stationary scraper blade can be provided to scrap the rotating agitator, for highly sticky materials

Product description

Rotary Vacuum Paddle Dryer Working Principle

  • Slurry / Wet cake is charged through the charging door while keeping a rotation of the agitator on. The vacuum is then applied to the Dryer along with Dust Catcher (mounted on the Dryer) Condenser and Receiver. The heating medium is passed through the jacket and Agitator. Vigorous evaporation of moisture takes place under a vacuum.
  • The vapor passes through the Bag Filters of the Dust Catcher, goes into the Condenser and the Condensate is collected in the receiver. Evaporation under high vacuum and low-temperature results in faster recovery of maximum solvents. Adequate provision has been provided to cater for fluctuations in steam pressure/temperature, in Condenser cooling water temperature, moisture content of the feed, etc.
  • The dry product is discharged via the discharge valve by reversing the Agitator rotational direction to the “Discharge” direction.

Vacuum Paddle Dryer Advantages

  • Ideal for Temperature-sensitive materials.
  • Improve product quality due to low-temperature drying system
  • Almost 100 percent recovery of solvents.
  • Low energy consumption

Rotary Vacuum Dryer Operation Conditions

  • Vacuum: Up to even 0.6 torr
  • Heating Temperature: 20° to 300°C

Industrial Rotary Vacuum Paddle Dryer Capacity

  • Gross Capacity: From 100 Ltrs. To 25000 Ltrs.
  • Charging Capacity: 40 to 60% of Gross Capacity depending on the nature of the products.

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