Planetary Mixer Machine Advantages

  • The operation of the planetary mixer is easier and the least amount of effort is required.
  • The mixing efficiency of planetary mixer is high  for wet mixing and liquid mixing
  • Planetary mixer is most suitable for liquid mixing
  • By operation of planetary mixer we achieve Homogenous mixing with uniform consistency.
  • It is a good advantage of planetary mixer that Low wear and tear is done as compared to other mixers
  • By the operation of Planetary mixer the Wastage of particles is minimum
  • By planetary mixer, the Recirculation of particles is done very well.


Commercial PLM Application

The planetary mixture is widely used in different fields of life.

Pharmaceutical industry

In pharmaceutical and chemical industries the function of planetary mixer is the mixing  of various ingredients to form lotions, creams, emulsion, paste and semisolid mixture.

Paint industry

The planetary mixer is used in different color and paint industries like ink, dyes, emulsions. Paints.

Oil industries

The planetary mixer is used in oil, lubricants, solvents, gels manufacturing plant units.

Chemical industries

The planetary mixer is used for mixing adhesives, sealant, caulking and wax compound, powder coating, blending powders, etc.

Food industries

The planetary mixer is used in the food industries for the mixing of food products like creams, sauce, and other pastes.

Biotechnology industries

The planetary mixer is used for the formulation and mixing of different products for research purposes, teeth filer mixing is done by a planetary mixer.

Pesticides and insecticides industries

The planetary mixer is performing a key role of mixing in the pesticides and insecticides industries.

Confectionery industries

The planetary mixer is used for the mixing of different bakeries and sweet products like bakery pastes.

Viscous product production plant

The planetary mixer is used for the mixing of high viscosity products. For mixing resins, glues, and other adhesive products in controlled conditions.

Candies formulation industry

The planetary mixer is used for the mixing of different components of candies manufacturing industries.


Industrial PLM Features

  • In a planetary mixer the Scraper shape is adjustable along with the bowl shape.
  • In a planetary mixer the mounting of the top lid is Simple.
  • In planetary mixing, the good feature is the Hydraulic lifting mechanism, for moving the lid up and down
  • In a planetary Mixer the Beaters and mixer are made of durable metals that are long-lasting.
  • In a planetary mixer there is a Control panel for controlling mixing speed and hydraulic mechanism.
  • In the planetary mixer there is a Charging port, the function of the charging port is the addition of ingredients while the process is going on without opening the top lid.


PLM Machine Safety Features

  • In a planetary mixer there is top lid safety locking mechanism, which prevents opening.
  • In a planetary mixer there is sealing of edges, which prevent escaping of particulates
  • The sealing process prevents contamination of ingredients
  • The volume is monitored by the control panel.
  • Pressure control means while vacuum process is done.
  • Safety testing for the hydraulic lifting mechanism.


Types of Planetary Mixer BladesTypes Planetary Mixer PLM Blades

  • High Wane Impeller
  • Helical Blade mixer
  • Rectangular Blade
  • Beater Blade
  • Frame Type Blade
  • Twisted Type Blade

High Wane Impeller Type Planetary mixer

The common blade type supplied in our mixer is rectangular gate blade. In some cases, a vane-sized impeller is provided; in the Hydro Mix model, both vane-sized impellers are provided, as well as high-scissor dissolving impellers. The most recent increase in blade type is the helical blade. Unlike conventional blades, helical blades have a variable pitch. Starting at the top of the helix, the pitch decreases as the depth increases in the middle. The blade transmits the material vertically and orbitally, thus improving the mixing and cycle time in the movement created by its rotation.

Spiral Blade Mixer also called Helical Blades

Helical blades provide the ability to mix dry and damp powders, glue, dirt, and liquids. The omega shape of the mixing vessel ensures that all the product is inserted through the helical blade. Highly efficient mixing enables trace and minor ingredients to be added directly to the mixer and avoids the need for pre-mix. Accurate scales can be guaranteed from our pilot-scale test machines to production scales. Easy to clean with just 4 mixing blades for our patented ‘Clean Arm’ attachments and any size of the machine. Low-cost results from a simple design with a minimal number of working parts that also provide low running costs, low maintenance, and clean time. HHBM offers all of these features, providing much more flexibility and efficiency than traditional ribbon blade mixers or spiral mixers.

Rectangular Blade Mixer

The rectangular Blade planetary mixer consists of two rectangular blades. Depending on the material properties, the rectangular blade can be added to the cross-piece or diagonal cleat to increase the flow of material in the mixing process. The angle of the rectangular blade will automatically flip the angle Teflon scraper to ensure that the bottom of the material is well blended into the material. It can also maintain a special trail between the cylinder wall and the rectangular blade through the bottom and sidewall scraper.

Beater Blade Mixer

The Beater Blade is removing  the mixing bowl with its attached  “wing system” design, which acts like a wiper blade to continuously mix, bleed, fold, and scrape components from the sides and bottom of the bowl. Wounding replaces the worn-out shield with surgical steel that carries dry and wet ingredients directly into the middle of the bowl; exactly where you want it. Instant bread, cakes, cookies, hobbies, compound butter, and other mixes come out perfectly mixed. we can even mix concrete; Beater Blade is a hands-free solution. Practically stops the bowl and eliminates scraping. When mixing is complete, the better blade doubles like a spatula.

Frame Type Blade

The frame mixer can be considered as a deformation of the pedal mixer, which has a strong structure and a large amount of animal material. The kettle is heated from the wall frame and the space between the wall is small, which is suitable for the heat transfer process. It is often used for heat transfer, crystallization operation, and dissolving high viscosity liquids, high concentration slurry, and slurry. Working principle and structural features of frame mixer: The diameter of frame mixer is large, usually 2 / 3-9 / 10, 50-70r / min of the inner diameter of the reactor.

The space between the frame shaker and the reactor wall is small, which is suitable for the heat transfer process. When rotating rapidly, the liquid driven by the breaker blade carries the stable layer down the reactor wall. When rotating slowly, stimulation with a scraper can produce good heat transfer. Due to the large size of the impeller, for ease of installation and removal, most blades are connected by bolts. Imperial is mostly made of flat steel and angle steel. When the mixing shaft is driven and rotated by a lowering motor, animal material can flow at different heights from the horizon and rotation.

Twisted Type Blade Mixer

Advanced Easy Mixer Mixing Blade is square twisted and zinc plated which is resistant to rust. For mixing paints, mud, textures, cement, and more. The drywall mixing blade (29in x 8-1 / 2in x 3 / 8in) is a 28in the shaft in an easy mixer with square twisted and hub.