Combination of Rapid Mixer Granulator and Fluid Bed Dryer

The rapid mixer granulator is used along with the fluid bed dryer in the pharmaceutical industry. The function of which is to mix various ingredients in required ratios. As a result formation of granules and powders occur. The granules or powder containing moisture, so the moisture of the powder and granules is removed by fluid bed dryer. Which is then applicable to be used for further processes. There are fluid bed dryers of various sizes which have working capacities ranging from 50 liters to 450 liters. The rapid mixer granulator has working capacities ranging from 40 liters to 1000 liters. The validation of RMG mainly includes installation qualification, operational qualification, and performance qualification. The RMG and FBD are installed in the working location as per the requirements.


Design and Working

The rapid mixer granulator consists of a chopper and an impeller (mixer) which are both enclosed in a container.

The chopper and the mixer are driven by two separate motors. The mixer mixes the granules with a binding agent which is delivered from the spray nozzle at the top. During the mixing of granules with the binding liquid lumps are formed, and these lumps are broken down by the chopper to maintain the uniform size of the granules. An observing viewport is provided at the top to view the process and a vent filter is placed at the top to prevent the loss of granules. The binding liquid that is fed into the container is delivered by the spray nozzle by the pressure of compressed air from the system. The high-pressure air helps the proper atomization of the binding liquid particles while spraying. If the binding agent is a dry powder it can be added directly along with the ingredients.



Pharma Industry

Rapid mixer granulator is used in the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry for mixing different ingredients for making tablets, and granules.


Rapid Mixer Granulator is used in the mixing and manufacture of different chemical ingredients in chemical industries.


Rapid mixer granulators are playing a vital role as a piece of mixing equipment for the manufacturing of different cosmetic products.


Rapid mixer granulator is used for mixing and blending different food products in food industries.



Gross Capacity

The Gross capacity of Rapid Mixer Granulator ranges from 10L to 2500L, it is totally based upon the models. And the model ranges from RMG10 to RMG2500.

Working Capacity

The working capacity of Rapid Mixer Granulator ranges from 8 liters to 2200 liters.2200 liter capacity of Rapid Mixer Granulator is a bulk huge equipment.

Main Motor details

The main motor is ranging in power from 1 horsepower to 75 horsepower.

Gear Box

The gearbox is ranging in size from 4 inches to 12 inches.

Chopper Motor details

The detail of the chopper motor is ranging from 2250/5750 to 15000/43200.

Discharge Height

The discharge Height of the Rapid Mixer Granulator is ranging from 600 to 1200.



  • Rapid mixer granulator has Air purging system. The main function of which is, to prevent granules to be mixed with lubricants of the mechanical components.
  • Rapid mixer granulator has Internal cleaning systems and special designs to remove all granules from the surface after the process is completed.
  • Rapid Mixer Granulator has Optional loading and unloading units, which are connected to the assembly line.
  • Rapid Mixer Granulator Means for operating the chopper and impeller along with their electrical and mechanical requirements.
  • Rapid Mixer Granulator Process and means for high-quality mixing and granulation without forming lumps.
  • Rapid Mixer Granulator has Proper sealing devices, which help to prevent loss of granules.
  • Rapid Mixer Granulator has Automatic detection of endpoint of the granulation process.
  • Rapid Mixer Granulator has an Auto-discharge of granules after the end of the process.



  • It is an advantage of Rapid Mixer Granulator that it has a high production rate for batch processing methods.
  • Rapid Mixer Granulator has a High-quality mixing and granulation of homogenous granules.
  • Rapid Mixer Granulator has Uniform color distribution in the final product. So the color of the beginning and at the endpoint remains the same.
  • In Rapid Mixer Granulator Lumps are eliminated by precise mechanisms and devices.
  • In Rapid Mixer Granulator a Single piece of equipment is used for both dry and wet mixing in some cases.
  • In Rapid mixer Granulator the chopper and impeller cause high shear mixing and granulation which makes wet granulation easier.


What Is Ampere Load In RMG?

Ampere load is the current which is used by the chopper and impeller for the rotation of powder or granules. Ampere load is high at the start of the process and then gradually decreases as the load on the motor decreases.

Impeller and Chopper Speed in Rmg?

The speed of the impeller operating in a rapid mixer granulator is around about 200 revolutions per minute. The chopper is used for breaking large particles into small particles and it is operated in the speed range of 1440-2880 revolutions per minute.

What Is Purging Air In RMG?

Purging air is a type of clean air, which flushes the industrial process. Purging air is used to keep clean the surface of the rapid mixer granulator.

What Is Granulation End Point?

The endpoint of rapid mixer granulator is that point at which we receive our desired size of granules particles.

How much is the capacity of Rapid Mixer Granulator?

The gross capacity of rapid mixer granulator ranges from 10 liters to 2500 liters. And working capacity ranges from 8 liters to 2200 liters.


Risk Assessment

  • It is important to Identifying the harms and possible hazards in the processing equipment.
  • It is important to Estimate, justify and document the probability and severity of the risk level.
  • It is important to compare the risk with safety criteria.
  • It is important to control risk and mitigation by possible means.
  • It is important to Plan, update, and taking further actions.


Safety Features

  • while operating a rapid mixer granulator it is important to check and confirm the locking mechanisms.
  • while operating a rapid mixer granulator it is important to check External resources for controlling and monitoring various parameters.
  • While operating a rapid mixer granulator it is important to check the availability of External emergency shutdown switches.
  • while operating a rapid mixer granulator it is important to check the availability of Fire protection resources means for electrical systems and drives that are used.