Definition of Rapid Mixer Granulator?

Rapid mixer granulator is also called as a high shear mixer granulator.

The main function of a rapid mixer granulator is mixing powder components and making granules of them. A fast blender granulator is additionally called a tall shear blender granulator. It is utilized for blending and granules preparation.

It is hardware utilized to blend and granulate powder components. The granules are formed in the rapid mixer granulator (RMG) by rising, whirling, and tumbling motion of the particulate material. The rotation of the impeller and chopper at high speed enables the mixing process when the mixing ingredients are added to it.


Working Principle of RMG

The fast mixing granulator utilizes the mixing (compression) force and compression force exerted by the impeller on the powder material to provide the composition, density, and aggregation degree.

RMG consists of a mixing chamber, impeller, grinder, outlet, filter unit, air, and solution purifier.

The mixing chamber of the high-speed mixing granulator has three types: cone, dome, and round, although the main purpose of all shapes is to eliminate dead corners and wall sticks. Where does it end? It will not separate from the material. Mix well with the granules. The filter assembly is located on the top of the connector in a vent filter that allows the cleaning air to exit the mixing chamber and keep the granules inside. The impeller prevents 5-6 kg granules from mixing with the lubricant, thus avoiding contamination.


Working Environmental Conditions of Rapid mixer granulator

  • it is very important to maintain a high level of cleanliness within the working environment
  • The only prescribed amount of power fluctuation is to be allowed for working pieces of equipment
  • while operating Rapid Mixer Granulator, the process air must be free of oil, free of water, free of dust, and any other impurities
  • It is important to use that source of water that is cleaned and purified. Free from all types of impurities and germs.

The operator working in the process area of rapid mixer granulator must wear proper kits means dressing (Uniform, caps, gloves mask, and shoes) to prevent the transfer of impurities


Types of RMG

Based on the shape of the mixing bowl the RMG is classified into

  • Dome type
  • Conical type
  • Circular type

Based on the nature of feed particulates the RMG is classified into

  • Dry mixer
  • Wet mixer

Dome Type Rapid Mixer Granulator

Dome type rapid mixer granulator is an equipment which is having dome shape of mixing bowl. And all the process of mixing, grinding and granulation takes place in this mixing bowl.

Conical type Rapid Mixer Granulator

The conical type of rapid mixer granulator is known by its conical shape of the mixing bowl. And all the mixing process takes place in this conical type of mixing bowl.

Circular type of Rapid mixer granulator

Circular type of rapid mixer granular is called due to its circular shape of mixing bowl. All the mixing processes and grinding processes take place in this circular type of mixing bowl.

Dry Mixer Granulator

This is a type of rapid mixer granulator in which the feed is in dry form, and all the processes, grinding, chopping, and mixing takes place in dry form. And the formation of dry powder particles takes place.

Wet Mixer Granulator

As the name indicates wet mixer granulator is used when the feed of the mixing is in the form of containing humidity or slurry, the binder and solvent used, assist the formation of wet mass of agglomeration.


Parts of RMG

  • Mixing bowl
  • Impeller
  • Chopper
  • Discharge port
  • Liquid binder inlet port
  • Pneumatic system
  • Control panel


Mixing Bowl

The mixing bowl is also called a blending bowl. It is in the shape of an Arch. and it coordinates free particles into whirling movement with the assistance of an impeller. The bowl is molded and it is created into an entire piece of stainless steel. It has no welding portion included. The bowl is planned in a funnel-shaped shape. It is exceptionally smooth and has no dead corners.


An impeller is utilized for the homogeneous blending or mixing of the fabric. It is Z-shaped at 36 degrees. Impeller works in three-dimensional movement. The speed of the impeller ought to be balanced as in case it is tall, the molecule estimate will increment, and on the off chance that the speed is tall for a long time due to the consistent collision between the particles, the estimate of the granules will diminish. It is comprised of two filled and two half-filled strong blending edges. The separation between the impeller and the foot of the bowl is 0.5-1.5mm. So in this way, the exceptionally small fabric is cleared out on the divider of the bowl, as a result, it decreases the contact and spares up to 25% energy.


The work of the chopper is to break down the larger molecules and change over them into granules. In Quick Blender Granulator extraordinarily plan V-shaped chopper is used. The speed of revolution of the chopper is (50-3000 transformations per diminutive). So it allows simple and uniform granulation.

Discharge port

The release harbor is balanced on a level plane in a bowl with 45 degrees slanted, the granules fabric can totally be expelled. For the operation of opening and release of the fabric, pneumatic barrels are present.

Liquid binder inlet port

This is a port that is present in the rapid mixer granulator. By this port the binder is added for binding. The binder solution should be added slowly, it should not be added suddenly because, in sudden addition, the chances of increase in the binder exist, which causes the inefficient distribution of the binder and can cause variations in hardness in the pellet.

Pneumatic System

The pneumatic system is used for the cleaning of discharge valve air, and of chopper valve, and impeller valve to avoid cross-contamination. The pneumatic system contains an air filter pressure gauge with other pipes and pneumatic fittings.

Control panel

The control panel of the Rapid Mixer granulator is made up of 8.S. sheet metal. A special display system and the timer are present in the control panel. The Display system of the control panel is consisting of indication lamps, it is for compressed air supply, main functional motor, chopper motor, bowl lid limit switch, and switches are also present for opening and closing of the status of the discharge valve. If the compressed air supply pressure is insufficient so the switch present in the control panel will prevent the machine from starting.